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Connecting the dots: LabDAO Newsletter – Issue #3

LabDAO Newsletter
LabDAO Newsletter
Gm and welcome to the May edition of the LabDAO newsletter. Between building the OpenLab exchange, attending ETH Amsterdam, and new teams forming in our community there has been a lot going on this past month. Let’s get right into it!

New here?
LabDAO is a decentralized organization made up of individuals from across the world working to accelerate life science innovation and collaboration. We are building an open-source and community-owned protocol where users can exchange research services and find collaborators.
If you’re interested in learning more about LabDAO, check out our latest article.
Technology News
Our first OpenLab transaction!
We are pleased to report that on April 11th, 2022 we ran our first ever transaction on OpenLab. We deployed our smart contracts on Polygon’s Mumbai Testnet. This is the first of many, and gives the backbone for researchers to start deploying their tools on OpenLab. Check out the tweet with the announcement.
OpenLab CLI (command line interface) improvements
We have a basic version of the exchange client running on the “cli-subgraph-a” branch. You can install the package and run a few commands to see the additions. Check out the issues labeled on GitHub to see where you can get involved!
Why Metadata matters
We have worked together in the technology group to propose a standard around what the metadata for laboratory-generated NFTs — lab-NFTs, can look like.
LabDAO Teams: news and updates
Our compound engineering team is working on a variety of tools to be available for when we launch our open beta in May. The team has been making progress on a pipeline for representation learning methods for protein engineering.
We have also started an Image Analysis team. If you have tools that you’d like to deploy on OpenLab hop into our discord and tell us about your tool. We have meetings every Sunday at 5pm EST on the Hangout voice chat in discord. Feel free to hop on and listen in!
Community News
LabDAO ‘Lab Meetings’: starting next week!
We are launching Lab Meetings – casual seminars where our community members present their own research and lead discussions on how LabDAO could help improve how we do science.
The first Lab Meeting will be held on Thursday May 12th at 12PM EDT; see the event in discord for full details. integration
We’ve integrated into our discord, which allows us to automate connecting members of LabDAO for 1-on-1 calls. This is one way we’re strengthening our community and growing our own personal networks. Check out the pinned message in the #general channel on Discord to start meeting people through the platform!
Revamped custom onboarding
We’re working closely with the DAO Quest team to build out our own custom onboarding workflow that will make it easier for people to get involved with LabDAO. We’re also developing a custom Discord bot to automate operations within our community.
ETH Amsterdam and DeSci Day!
Our launch team went to ETH Amsterdam for the first ever DeSci day! We spoke about our plans for LabDAO, where we’ve been, and what we’re doing. Couldn’t attend? Don’t worry! All of DeSci day was recorded and available on Youtube.
Crypto x Longevity Symposium
We had the first Crypto x Longevity Symposium hosted by VitaDAO and Molecule, with features by members of LabDAO. The event included talks from longevity researchers as well core members explaining what the future of research might look like. We had over 300 attendees for the Symposium and we hope to do this again in the future! Watch a recording of the symposium.
Upcoming DeSci Conference in Berlin
DeSci Day at ETH Amsterdam was a massive success, and to keep the momentum going we’re helping organize a DeSci Conference along with our friends at Molecule, VitaDAO, and PsyDAO. DeSci Berlin will take place May 23-24, 2022. The speaker schedule is not yet finalized but expect talks on IP-NFTs, DeSci DAOs, research funding, and DeSci execution. If interested, please register or apply to be a speaker.
LabDAO in the wild
LabDAO was featured in a number of articles this month:
CoinTelegraph wrote an article about DeSci that featured LabDAO
Jocelynn Pearl wrote an article for Future by a16z covering trends in decentralized biotech, also featuring LabDAO!
Kevin Owocki of Gitcoin also included LabDAO in a graphic mapping out Impact DAOs.
Parting Thoughts
Before you leave, make sure to join our discord and introduce yourself! We love getting to know people who are interested in DeSci, and want to work to bringing LabDAO to the world, together!
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Finally, we leave you with a quote:
Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge ~ Carl Sagan
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LabDAO Newsletter
LabDAO Newsletter @lab_dao

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