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Connecting the dots: LabDAO Newsletter - Issue #4

LabDAO Newsletter
LabDAO Newsletter
This month’s newsletter will cover some updates on how the LabDAO community is coming together to help build the future of decentralized science. 
Highlights include:
  • Notes from an incredibly successful DeSci Berlin
  • A brief summary of LabDAO’s new community structure
  • Notes on an insightful LabMeeting
  • Information on the ETH CC LabRetreat
  • A bit of LabDAO alpha 

New here?
LabDAO is a decentralized organization made up of individuals from across the world working to accelerate life science innovation and collaboration. We are building an open-source and community-owned protocol where users can exchange research services and find collaborators.
If you’re interested in learning more about LabDAO, check out our recently-revamped onboarding flow.
DeSci Berlin recap
DeSci Berlin was a two-day event attended by a number of LabDAO members. Hosted by Molecule, VitaDAO and LabDAO on May 23-24, the conference was aimed at advancing and proliferating the intersection between web3, technology, and science.
The schedule was packed full of talks and engaging, unconference-style workshops. A livestream (recorded here) was available for those who could not attend in-person.
You can check out a compelling presentation on current and future tooling for decentralized science by LabDAO’s Niklas Rindtorff or a summary of his talk in this Twitter thread.
DeSci Berlin favourites
Diving into two full days of YouTube recordings can be a bit overwhelming, so some of the LabMates who attended DeSci Berlin shared their favourite parts of the event:
LabTeams are LabDAO’s new organizational structure. Teams, initiated by LabDAO members, are small working groups that focus on a range of topics.
Anyone can join or even start a LabTeam —the groups are organic and member-generated.
Read more about LabTeams.
LabMeeting June 9: Exploring progress studies for the life sciences
On June 9 Jason Crawford, the founder of The Roots of Progress joined LabDAO to speak about progress studies for scientists. The talk, hosted by Stanley Bishop, was followed by a discussion with Crawford on how DeSci projects like LabDAO could help move some ideas from project studies into practice.
Don’t worry if you missed the talk, you can watch the full recording of Crawford’s LabMeeting here.
ETH CC LabRetreat
Heading to ETH CC?
LabDAO and Foresight Institute are teaming up with the CNRS to host a DeSci workshop in Paris on July 23. An unconference-style event, the gathering will aim to advance and proliferate the intersection between web3 technology and science.
Apply here for one of a limited number of spaces.
LabDAO alpha
  • There are already 23 LabTeams (and counting). It’s definitely worth taking a peek at the list of LabTeams and checking out the associated Discord channels.
  • Our is up and running. Join if you’re planning on getting involved with a LabTeam.
  • Follow the newly created LabDAO YouTube channel and Medium account for more content and LabDAO updates.
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LabDAO Newsletter
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