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LabDAO Newsletter
LabDAO Newsletter
Happy Friday!
Welcome to the second edition of LabDAO’s monthly newsletter! LabDAO has launched just a few months ago, but we have so much going on in the community that it can be hard to follow it all. You can expect updates on LabDAO community news, events, and new developments in the ecosystem. As always, we welcome any feedback, comments, or suggestions!
What is LabDAO?
LabDAO is a decentralized organization made up of individuals from across the world working to accelerate life science innovation and collaboration. We are building an open-source and community-owned protocol where users can exchange research services and find collaborators.
If you’re interested in learning more about LabDAO, check out the article that started it all, here.
Technology News
What we’re building at LabDAO
We published a new article outlining the openlab exchange and openlab teams - a tool we started to plan which allows scientists to more easily come together and collaborate online with shared ownership.
The technology group at LabDAO has been hard at work building out our protocol, openlab, and a set of first services. You can follow the development and contribute at Our command line interface for the openlab protocol is undergoing development by Rick Smith Unna. Check out a current demo here.
In-silico drug discovery tools
The compound engineering team at LabDAO is an initiative seeking to activate surplus Ethereum mining capacity for drug discovery research. In particular, the team is looking to tokenize the economics of a new approach to Protein-Ligand Docking Simulations, MolPAL, that uses active learning to reduce computational requirements by an order of magnitude. This project is being led by Stanley Bishop and Mahdi Chaker.
Builders Wanted!
We are looking for builders to support our web3 exchange and first computational biology applications. We are working on introducing bounties on a number of tasks in the coming days! Check out an initial list of issues here.
Visualization of docked protein-ligand
Visualization of docked protein-ligand
Community News
New to LabDAO? Welcome! We are so glad to have you here with us as we build the future of science. Join our Discord to get involved!
Call for Articles!
Excited about DeSci? Love writing? Stoked to tell others about LabDAO? If you answered yes to any of these questions you can write an article about LabDAO and be rewarded with up to 500 USDC! Not enough scientists know about LabDAO, and it’s our mission to explain what we’re building and how it can change science. More info here.
Coordinape and Dework
If you aren’t already in our Coordinape circle, make sure to sign up and ask for people to vouch for you on the respective discord channel. This will help us keep track of contributions. Learn about Coordinape here.
We have started listing bounties on Dework! Check it out and see how you can contribute to LabDAO and earn some bounties at the same time.
Calendar Updates
We now have two weekly onboarding/AMA sessions on Wednesdays at 10:30 am PST / 1:30 pm EST and 2:30 pm PST / 5:30 pm EST.
Our monthly open community calls have now been rebranded as monthly all-hands calls. These calls are a chance to hear updates from core team members, share feedback, and ask questions in an open forum. We will be hosting our next community call on April 4th at 9:00 am PST/12:00 pm EST. All are welcome to join!
Feel free to check out and subscribe to the full LabDAO calendar.
Community Partnerships
We would like to thank our community partners for their continued support of LabDAO.
Dework: Dework is a web3 native project management system with payments, credentialing, bounties, third-party integrations (GitHub, Discord, etc.), and more. The Dework team has been working closely with LabDAO to build our project management system and has been highly receptive to our specific community needs and feedback.
Utopia: Utopia is a web3 native operating system for DAOs. It allows DAOs and DAO members to streamline operations, manage payroll, and simplify financial reporting. We will be able to organize contributions, ensure compliance and transparency, and manage all DAO expenses through this platform.
LabDAO in the wild
Ariella and Jocelynn will be hosting a Web3 Women in Science panel on April 5th at 8:00am PST / 11:00am EST on April 5th with guests Bianca Trovo of Ants Review and Kaitlin Cauchon of SCINET.
Web3 Women In Science
Calling all #WomenInSTEM #WomenInCrypto #WomenInNFTs & frens, pls join us for our 2nd panel of fabulous #Web3WomenInScience this coming Tuesday! 🥳

What problems exist in scientific publishing? Do you think #web3 has the power to help? Let us know!👇💬
For anyone attending ETH Amsterdam, we will be at the DeSci day on April 20th! Niklas, Rick, Lily, and Aakaash will be representing the labDAO community. Join the [email protected] telegram group if you’re going and want to coordinate with others in the group (visit our Discord for a link).
Join us!
That’s it for now! Liked the newsletter? Make sure to follow us on Twitter, join our Discord, and forward this to a friend!
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LabDAO Newsletter
LabDAO Newsletter @lab_dao

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