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Monthly newsletter of LabDAO - Issue #1

LabDAO Newsletter
LabDAO Newsletter
Welcome to the first edition of LabDAO’s monthly newsletter! LabDAO was created just a few months ago, and we have so much going on in the community. By putting things in one place, we hope it will be easier to keep up with all of LabDAO’s moving parts. You can expect updates on LabDAO community news, events, and new developments in the ecosystem. As always, we welcome any feedback, comments, or suggestions!
What is LabDAO?
LabDAO is a decentralized organization made up of individuals from across the world working to accelerate life science innovation and collaboration. We are building an open-source and community-owned protocol where users can exchange research services, and find collaborators.
If you’re interested in learning more about LabDAO, check out this article or this 10-Minute video
DeSci@EthDenver: A Public Commons for Discovery  & Innovation
[email protected]: A Public Commons for Discovery & Innovation
Community News
New here?
If you’re new to LabDAO, welcome! We are so glad to have you here with us as we build the future of science. Join our discord. We have our weekly onboarding sessions on Wednesdays at 12:30 PST / 3:30 EST. Feel free to check out the LabDAO calendar here.
The technology group at LabDAO have been hard at work building out our protocol, openlab, and a set of first services. You can follow the development and contribute at Our command line interface for the openLab protocol is undergoing development by Rick Smith Unna. Check out a current demo here
New Logo and Website Design
We have updated our website and logo to a cleaner and slicker design. Thanks to Lily Hansen-Gillis, Si Maclennan, Vincent Weisser, Jan Zheng, and everyone involved in the design process! Check out the new website here.
Builders Wanted!
We are looking for builders to support our web3 payment platform and first bioinformatic services. We are working on introducing bounties on a number of tasks in the coming days! Check out an initial list of issues here.
A current list of featured technical projects and ways to get involved: 
  • FastCAR - help integrate an antibody annotation database ABCD to facilitate the development of open-source therapeutics
  • Openlab CLI - help write high-quality practitioner-friendly documentation for the openlab command line interface
  • Openlab payment contracts - help with the implementation and testing of an escrow contract to enable payments for laboratory services. Please contact us via [email protected] for access to the contract repository.
LabDAO in the wild
Check out the VitaDAO x UltraRare podcast episode featuring Niklas, Arye and Jocelynn talk about the ideas behind LabDAO here.
Building a Community-Owned Marketplace for Biotech: LabDAO
Building a Community-Owned Marketplace for Biotech: LabDAO
Check out this article from a16z about DeSci written by Sarah Hamburg (peep the LabDAO shoutout!) 
That’s it for now! Liked the newsletter? Make sure to follow us on Twitter, join our Discord, and forward this to a friend!
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LabDAO Newsletter
LabDAO Newsletter @lab_dao

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